About Me

Hello! I am so glad you found your way to my site! I am using this small piece of cyberspace to discuss something that I am passionate about – Celiac Disease!

My name is Brandy and I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease over 7 years ago. My mother and sisters were diagnosed around the same time as well. Not only do we need to be on a gluten free diet, but we have cross-sensitivities to casein (found in milk) and soy. Finding a diet that suits all three has been a frustrating but rewarding journey. The purpose of this site is to provide assistance for all people who have gluten sensitivities, including their family and friends. My hope is that I am able to help you live a more fulfilled life without gluten!

My fight with Celiac Disease began during high school. That is when I remember having my first onset of gastrointestinal symptoms. From there, my symptomology spiraled into depression, anxiety, hair loss, muscle and joint pain, and fatigue – just to name a few. I visited many different doctors (internal medicine, neurology, rheumatology, endocrinology) trying to figure out exactly what was going on with me. They all treated each issue separately and I struggled by the next few years with a nagging feeling that none of it was working. I made it through college but it wasn’t until I started my master’s degree that I realized there was something bigger going on. I was not living a life, I was suffering through it. I knew this was not what God had planned for me.

I pursued several more doctors and, despite the fact that I was pursuing a Master’s degree in Nursing, they all told me that what I was feeling was in my head. Through a suggestion from a friend, my mom found a very open minded physician who tested me for anything and (almost) everything. When my results came back, they were so odd that the the physician had no idea what to do with me. However, he said he knew another physician who would. It wasn’t until I visited this amazing man (Dr. Harry K. Delcher for those of you in Atlanta) that I was diagnosed. At that point, I was very defeated, but with the love and support of my mom (and her gluten free cooking) and some incredible patience from my husband, I slowly started to feel better.  I have been gluten free ever since and I know now that I am living the life God intended for me.
I currently reside in a suburb of Charleston, South Carolina. My husband is in the military and that is why we relocated here. I am currently working at a military medical treatment facility on Joint Base Charleston. 

I hope you enjoy the information provided! Be sure to share this with friends and I look forward to helping you!