Thursday, May 5, 2011

May product of the month

Having been diagnosed with Celiac disease at a later age, there are many things that my taste buds still remember but I know will make me sick. I met my best friend, Nicole, 15 years ago and one of our rituals when we have our annual girls trip is too eat Oreos by the pack. Since that is no longer an option for me I was desperate to find a replacement for the Oreos the last time we got together. What I found was Kinnickinick’s K-toos. They look similar to Oreos and have a wonderful taste! I was so excited when I found them I purchased several packs (and yes, we consumed them all). I no longer crave Oreos but when I am in the mood for chocolate wafers with vanilla, Kinnitoos hits the spot! Another great thing about them? They come in vanilla wafers too!

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