Thursday, November 22, 2012

Quick tip for Heart Health during the Holidays

So, by now, the plates are cleared and the leftovers have been put away. You next mission? Setting a plan up for which stores you are going to hit for Black Friday. Most Americans start their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving but some save the bigger items for after or others, like me, just tend to be last minute. Whatever type of shopper you are there are a few simple ways to get some exercise in while setting up for the holidays!

1. Park further out from the entrance when you go to a mall or store. Those few extra steps can add up big time!

2. Once you are done shopping in the mall or a large store - take an extra lap or two around just to get the added steps in. If you are going to the grocery store, take an extra lap around the store before starting to shop. You will have a great view of the sales and aisle end caps before you start!

3. Talking on the phone to grandparents or siblings about what to get for your loved ones? Walk while you talk! Most phones are cordless now a days and signal strength is getting better everyday. If you paced back and forth during a 10 min phone conversation you could burn 20-30 extra calories!

4. Use stairs instead of elevators or moving escalators.

5. Take smaller amounts of groceries or items you purchased into the house so you have to make more trips.

6. Also, try to minimize stress! This is always a hard one to do during the holiday season but don't be afraid to laughing at yourself or the craziness of the season in general. Try going back and looking at photos from past holidays and remembering all the fun. You could also try taking a few extra minutes to soak in the tub, go to bed 30 min early, or just give yourself 5 min to tune the world out. These small steps can help you deal with the stress a little better, keep your blood pressure down, and make it easier for your heart to keep you going strong!

For more information, visit It's a branch of the American Heart Association that can help you take steps to building a healthier life free of cardiovascular diseases! It has a variety of helpful information on mall walking clubs, other small ways to add extra steps, and expanded information on some of the advice above!

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