Saturday, September 15, 2012

3rd annual Gfreek Awards

Every year has awards to honor those in the Gluten-free and Celiac community. GFreek is a website started by parents of a Celiac child who quickly realized that that spending $7.00 on a box of cookies and tossing them in the trash after one bite wasn’t the way to go. They didn’t have the health or financial freedom to experiment with the new food products and services. They wanted good tasting gluten-free food and a reasonable cost without the added frustration. The GFA will be the quickest way to identify that a product or service has met the quality standards set out by the Celiac and Gluten Intolerant population. 
Each year, people that consume or use gluten-free products and services are able to vote on their favorites. The results will then be posted onto the website for everybody to use. The purpose is to provide quick and easy information to two separate parties. The consumer uses this information to make purchase decisions based on availability, price, quality, and affects. The producers use this information to make business decisions based on their consumers feedback.There are regional awards as well which is a great way to let others in your area know the resources that are available to them.
Click the picture below to head the their website and cast your vote! Voting ends December 22nd and results will be announced in January 2013!

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