Friday, September 7, 2012

September product of the month

In September, most children have returned to school. The long, lazy summer days are winding down and the scheduled days of school and other commitments return. I usually like to cook everything from scratch but, sometimes, I just don't have time and it can be difficult to find a ready-made product that fits my dietary restrictions. The product of the month for August, Eat Pastry cookie dough helps me save time and make my hubby smile when he comes home! ;)
I found this cookie dough when I was at Fred Meyer's in Eagle River the other day. I actually purchased it to just have a little raw cookie dough to eat but I found that it has a bit of an after taste so, I baked it instead. (Novel idea, don't you think?) They definitely taste even better cooked than the raw dough and if you can get one warm right after its come out of the oven, it reminds me of a fresh Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chip cookie.These were easy to bake and taste wonderfully!  The cookies turned out soft, chewy, and I found it difficult to eat just one!

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