Monday, December 3, 2012

December Product of the Month

When you travel as much as I do, the amount of time you spend in airports increases exponentially. I have been to some airports so many times now that I know exactly which terminals have the best selections for food, best bathrooms, and best benches to sleep on. Believe it or not, this beauty queen becomes a hobo in airports and i have learned to fall asleep in an inconspicuous corner just to get a few extra moments of sleep that was stolen from me from changing time zones.
Turkey stick & Crunch GoPicnic in Seattle
Besides sleeping, what to eat is always my other question. That's why I am so happy to know of GoPicnic meals. Each box contains an assortment of snacks that are a little more wholesome than typically prepacked snacks and they are gluten-free!
Chicago had the biggest assortment I had seen at a CIBO kiosk!
 Many of them contain snacks from Enjoy Life foods (one of my favorite allergen-free food companies) and they try to keep the calorie count down per box and make sure you are getting some protein and fiber. There are also no artificial colors, processed sugars or some of the other highly processed ingredients that are hard to pronounce. All the contents are wholesome and natural.
When you have to eat on the go, I'd definitely reach for a GoPicnic!

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