Sunday, January 22, 2012

Channel 4 KTBY - FOX report on Anchorage GF support Group

For those of you who missed the report that sister channels ABC 13 (KIMO) and FOX 4 (KTBY) did on my gluten-free support group, here it is! That night was my largest single group yet and Vicki, owner of Natural Pantry was kind enough to cook up some burritos from Glutenfreeda for us! We had no idea the news team would show up - but we are grateful they did. I never contacted them and neither did Vicki. I asked the camera guy how he heard of us and he said he was just in the neighborhood.
Funny how they did this story on the eve of my senate resolution being read on the floor in Juneau. The Chief of Staff saw the report and mentioned it to Senator Giessel when she proposed the bill! God is definitely looking out for me on this one! ;)

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  1. Congrats on the great coverage! You're doing an amazing job as a leader in the community and pageantry! XOXO