Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gluten-free Awards is a website that sponsors the Annual Gluten-free awards.  Josh and Jayme Schieffer, owners of the website and radio show, are the parents of a child with Celiac Disease. Like most parents, as soon as they found out their child required a gluten-free diet, they cleaned out their home of any foods and products with gluten. They then realized how expensive going gluten-free can be and how, despite the expense of an item, the taste is not guaranteed to be good. Unable to find any reliable sources and opinions on gluten-free products, they created Josh has since been diagnosed with Celiac Disease as well. 
The GFreek awards are based on the need to make quick and easy decisions on foods based on availability, price, quality, and affects. Each year, people that consume or use gluten-free products and services are able to vote on their favorites. The results are then posted onto the website for everybody to use. 
Over 1200 people voted this year on several categories. My website,, sponsored the Best Gluten-free Bread Award and Best Gluten-free Cookies Award. 

Check out all the nominations and winners of each category by clicking this link: 2nd Annual Gluten-free Awards
The Gluten-free Awards (GFA) are sponsored by Delight Gluten-free Magazine

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