Monday, November 28, 2011

Update on the Gluten-free oats offer

Do you remember the post below? One of my support group members asked if the focus group was still open and even though it is not, Debbie sent me an update! The responses to the new oats is 98% positive and the landing page for their new site is up too: It is still under-construction, but getting there. However, its exciting to know that their is another option out there for those who need a GF diet and still have issues with GF oats.
Can you tolerate gluten-free oats? It’s estimated that 4-8% of gluten-free consumers cannot tolerate gluten-free oats. My friend, Debbie Wheaton of the Not Even a Crumb™ Foundation, found a company in Montana (Montana Gluten-Free Processors) that grows, harvests, mills and packages a different species of GF oats that are very low on the allergen scale (and consistently test out at 1 ppm). She started eating them a month ago - with NO issues. The company is getting similar testimonials from around the country. They, (Montana Gluten-Free Processors) have asked Debbie to facilitate a nationwide focus group to determine if this is truly the Holy Grail of gluten-free oats.
If you or anyone in your group has had issues with gluten-free oats, I would love them to be a part of this focus group. The Processors will send free product and specific protocols for the group and they’ll also do a huge giveaway at the end. Check out their site to see their entire line of amazing GF mixes

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