Monday, February 13, 2012

Gluten-free Valentine's day candy

I know its National Heart Month and I am trying to emphasize healthy eating in my blog. However, since I know that Valentine's Day is typically celebrated with some sort of sweet treat to honor the people that are dear to you, I want to make sure you know which treats are safe! **Always be sure to check the labels though. Recipes have been known to change.

Gluten-free Valentine’s candy:
• Sweethearts candy hearts from Necco (New England Confectionery Company)
• Hershey’s Kisses, only in plain milk chocolate (not the flavored or striped ones)
• Jelly Belly jelly beans, all flavors
• Dove Heart Promises
• Smarties Valentine Hearts
• M&Ms Valentine Candies, all except for any pretzel-based varieties
• Tootsie Roll Valentine Candies
• Peeps Valentine marshmallow-based treats
• Ghiradelli chocolate squares including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and caramel and raspberry
• Tootsie Pops Valentine’s lollipops
• Wonka Laffy Taffy, special Valentine’s Day edition
• Charms Valentine Pops
• Skittles
• Smarties Valentine love hearts
• Heart-shapes Junior mints
• Pez Valentine’s Day candies
• Valentine's Dots
• Butterfinger hearts
• Betty Crocker Valentine fruit-by-the-foot

Just remember, occasionally treating yourself to some candy is not a bad thing. The top two items that put you at risk for heart disease are inactivity and obesity. So, if you are going to satisfy your sweet tooth tomorrow, make sure to follow it up with a 30 minute walk or some other form of activity. Balance is the key!

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