Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kettle Cuisine Get One Give One Campaign

Founded over 20 years ago by Jerry Schafir, Kettle Cuisine, started off providing restaurants with high quality, great-tasting pre-made soups. They then moved into the supermarket by providing refrigerated, single serve soups to customers. Then, Jerry's daughter, Katy, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and needed a lifelong gluten-free diet to stay healthy. Jerry quickly realized that there were not a lot of prepared gluten-free items on the market so, it inspired him to make a line of frozen, single-serve gluten-free soups. Today there are ten different flavors that can be found in grocery stores in all 50 states.
Now, not only do they make wonderful gluten-free soup but they are helping their community in a big way. They have launched a Facebook promotion and for every like they get on their page, they will donate a cup of soup to someone in need. Here is the e-mail they passed along to me:


We’ve launched an exciting facebook promotion and I’m wondering if you might be interested in helping us to spread the word?  Our lofty goal is to donate 10,000 cups of soup to people in need so any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated!

Here’s what we are doing:
As you know, here at Kettle Cuisine we are passionate about feeding people and ending hunger.  This is why, during the month of March (which is National Nutrition Month and National Frozen Food Month), every fan who LIKES our facebook page will GET a valuable coupon and we will GIVE a serving of soup to a person in need.  Neat huh?

Please feel free share this through your support group, blog, twitter and/or facebook or with any anyone you feel might be interested.

Thank you for all of your support!

Amanda and Lindsey

Amanda Moorhouse
Retail Sales Coordinator

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Crafting uncompromised soup since 1986

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