Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Looking for a safe, Gluten-free vacation?

Eating our in your local area can be difficult but what about staying safe and healthy while on vacation in a foreign country? Communicating in English can be hard enough, most people look at you like you're speaking a foreign language - gluten? casein? That's just wheat bread, right? We only serve white bread here . . . I am sure you've heard it before. However, Bob and Ruth, have been working to try and change the discomfort. When Bob was diagnosed with Celiac in 1995, he started organizing dinners that were safe for him and fun for his family and friends to enjoy. He then organized a few vacations and when he realized that he had a real knack for it so he and his wife started Bob & Ruth's, a company dedicated to making traveling gluten-free safe, healthy, and fun! Here is the latest e-mail I received:
                             Bob & Ruth's Gluten-free Dining & Travel Club

                             MONET, JOAN OF ARC, BOB & RUTH ? ? ?

                                        THE WAIT IS OVER !   ANNOUNCING:

            BOB & RUTH'S 2013 European River Cruise & Tour

                                April In Paris & The Seine

                                 April 19 - 28, 2013

We begin with three days in Paris with our own Gluten-free Hostess, showing us
her "City of Lights" and introducing us to her favorite restaurants with a wide
array of Gluten-free food to be offered.  We'll see the Champs Elysees, Eiffel Tower,
Notre Dame Cathedral and more.

Then we'll board UNIWORLD's award-winning boutique River Baroness, cruising
through the scenic country side of northern France that inspired the French
impressionists.  Stand on the ground of the Normandy invasion.  Stroll through
picturesque villages with - yes - lots of "old rocks" and see the site of where Joan
of Arc was martyred.

Rouen is of pre-Roman origins, serving as a Viking capital and later William the
Conqueror called it home before moving to England.  Honfleur is one of the most
visited town in France as it is one of them most well preserved maritime cities with
its picturesque narrow backstreets and old timber-framed house fronts showing off
its artistic and cultural heritage.
We are offering a $125 PER PERSON EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT if your reservations are
made by AUGUST 27, 2012.
For our Current Members Only there is the additional $25 Early Reservation Discount
date is August 15, 2012.
Due to extremely high demand for European river cruises, and in order to guarantee
us a quality gluten-free culinary experience, we must have the minimum number of
participants NO LATER THAN AUGUST 27, 2012.

For all the details check out our website 

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