Friday, August 3, 2012

August product of the month

In most states, August is the hottest month of the year. It typically is in Alaska as well but with the crazy weather nation-wide this year, I'm not sure what August will bring us. However, I understand that my the majority of the continent south of Alaska has been facing temperature of over 100 degrees. So, what better way to cool off during the hot weather than having some yummy ice cream? Since I am dairy-free along with being gluten and soy free, its typically difficult for me to find something that meets my dietary restrictions. Also, refined sugar doesn't agree with my stomach and too much coconut milk can cause bloating as well so, I have more restrictions to throw in the mix.
Recently, I found an ice cream that meets all of my restrictions and taste just like homemade vanilla ice cream my grandparents used to make when I was a kid. Just the right amount of vanilla bean flavor and creaminess. It also goes perfect with the chewy chocolate cookie recipe I posted last month!

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