Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Udi's gluten-free foods Ambassador program

Udi's makes the most amazing gluten-free bread available on the market today. It is soft and fluffy and can sit out on the counter like regular bread. It is absent of the grainy, dry taste that most gluten-free breads are known for. They have a whole wheat, cinnamon raisin, and white flavors.

Udi's ambassador program is a way to help unite those in the gluten-free community and ease the burden that a gluten-free lifestyle can create. An ambassador is someone who is active in the gluten-free community and leads the discussion on gluten-free issues online and within local clubs/groups. The program's aim is too increase Udi's ties with the community and make people aware of their products. I was recently asked to participate in the program and I delightfully accepted. One of the perks o the program? Free samples that I can pass out during my meetings and at other functions where people who require gluten-free diets might attend!
I am proud to be an ambassador of theirs!

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