Monday, April 9, 2012

April Product of the Month

I may have mentioned one of my favorite gluten free snack chips in my blog before. They are sweet potato chips by a company called Food Should Taste Good Too. This company strives to provide food for people with allergies or certain religious and ethical food beliefs (i.e. Kosher, vegan, etc) with wholesome and tasty food. I haven't purchased any of the chips in awhile because if there is a bag in my house it must be eaten!
However, recently, when I was traveling down the aisle where my favorite chips typically hang out (they are on the top shelf so being short helps me not have to make eye contact with them), I noticed that they were right in front of me peeking out from the end-cap of the aisle. What was a girl supposed to do?! They had seen me- I couldn't be rude! So, I casually walked over (you know, just to say hi) and the bag looked different to me. It turns out this wasn't my usual bag of chips but the older, more mature sibling version. They were KETTLE COOKED!

Why does this excite me so much? Well, not only do they have less fat than their sibling version but they have a good amount of your daily potassium in them as well as Vitamin A. Through kettle cooking the sweet potato retained some of its nutrients and now my favorite chips are healthier for me!! So I may have purchased a bag . . . Or two . . . Hey, I shared them with my support group. They couldn't stop eating them either! So, next time you're at your local health food store check out these good chips chips that not only taste good but are better for you! The best part about them? Only three ingredients . . . It doesn't get much better!

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