Saturday, April 7, 2012

April recipe of the Month

I think I must have been a picky eater as a child. I remember milk, peanut butter sandwiches (no jelly) and mashed potatoes being a staple in my diet. What more could a kid want, really? ;) Now that I have gotten older, I realize that mashed potatoes are not the best thing I could chose to put on my plate. Most men like their steak and mashed potatoes but a simple substation could do wonders for your overall health. What substitution is that, you ask? CAULIFLOWER! Now, before you stop reading, because you don't like cauliflower just hang in there. I'm talking about boiling the cauliflower . . . huh? Yes, you read that correctly, boiling the cauliflower like you would a mashed potato. Then, blend it up like you would normally blend a mashed potato and stick that on your plate instead. Check out this chart I made of the nutritional differences:

Cauliflower has a better glycemic index rating, is lower in calories and has some better vitamins to offer. It is also higher in some good omega fatty acids. Its Paleo friendly too!

Mashed faux-tatoes!

1 head cauliflower
4 cloves garlic, minced
2 tablespoons milk (I used almond milk)
1 tablespoon butter (you can use olive oil or another butter substitute like Earth Balance)

½ teaspoon salt
dash of pepper
dash of rosemary (optional)

Snipped fresh chives or parsley for garnish (optional)
Separate the cauliflower into bite-sized florets. Place in a steamer basket over boiling water, cover, and steam until tender, about 15 minutes. Place in the bowl of a food processor fitted with blade attachment, add remaining ingredients, and process until smooth and creamy. Serve hot with a sprinkling of fresh chives or parsley, if desired.

So, you take take your plate from an ok meal (on the left) to a really healthy one with just a few simple changes!

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